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As an adult, I can see some of the thoughts and feelings I had back then reflected in Julian, and I have never read something that resonated so much with that part of my life before.

Auto Finesse Enigma Engine Degrease

Not that it was entirely accurate. His experience was not mine, but some of it definitely was. The unfortunate thing is that at that time, this is not the sort of thing I would have read at the time. Get it on Amazon! Twitter Facebook Instagram Tumblr. Maybe a Dremel type tool if you're replacing the screen or doing other mods to the case. First, grab the game, remove the screws and open it up.

After I did that I had to remove a few more screws to get to the keyboard. I cut the wires that connected the keyboard to the other PCB inside the game. At this point it was apparent what pins on the cables coming out of the board were the columns and rows of the keyboard matrix. In my case it was a 5x8 keypad, so I need 13 pins. I ended up using Digital pins 2 and and Analog pins 0 and 1. I didn't use Digital pin 3 because I wanted that for driving the speaker in the game.

I kind of cheated when I mapped the key values.

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I basically just put bogus unique characters in the 2 dimensional array that defines the keys then I just started pushing buttons and had my Arduino output the keys pushed to serial. Then I could look at the output to set the 2 dimensional array for the library to the right values.

That seemed kind of confusing so I'll do an example. As part of the keypad library you define a 2 dimensional array so it knows what keys correspond to the values on the matrix. Then I'd look at what came out on the serial console say it was 'W', then I'd go and replace the 'W' in the matrix with an 'A'. After I went through all the keys then I had the keypad all mapped up. My next step was modifying the case of the game.

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I had to do a couple of things. First I wanted to put a different screen in that was a little bigger, so I had to cut part of the case off. There was also a handle in the back that made it hard to fit everything in.

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I just traced out what I needed to cut and used a Dremel tool with a cutting disk to cut the case. The pictures show the window before the mod, then with my new screen in it. Now I needed to wire stuff up. I used a female header on the Arduino and soldered wires right onto the pins.

Kid's Game to Arduino Enigma Machine

You could also create a shield and solder onto that as well in fact that's probably a better way to do it, but this works for me. Solder HO! After that I screwed the keypad back onto the case so it wouldn't fall off when I turned it over. The meat of the code is pretty simple.

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I have an array for each rotor type, then I just needed to keep track of what rotor was in what slot, and what position the rotor was currently in. Probably the easiest way to figure out what the code needs to do is to go through the example of this paper enigma machine. Basically we need to take the input index, look at what letter is in that spot, then figure out what slot that should map to it's basically the where the letter ends up in a char array of the alphabet and the offset of the rotor. The code also needs to handle the rotors moving.

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The right most rotor moves one spot every time a key is pushed. To do this I have an int that keeps track of the current position of the rotor and I add one to it when they need to turn. When they get to 26 I set them back to 0 it went all the way around the rotor so we're starting again. To swap out rotors I simply strncpy the rotor constants to the rotor in for the position. You'll notice I used a lot of example code in my code to do things like play tones, get keypad values, and address the I2C LCD.

I'm a big fan of libraries and example code. This is a more detailed description of the rotors in the program. Basically since these are rotors and I was copying the values off a paper Enigma machine then that's the way I chose to do it. In addition to defining the reflectors I defined what number each rotor should turn the next rotor on.

In other words, when RI is in position 17, then the rotor to the left should turn. Basically what this is saying is if an input comes in at position 3, then it should go back out position 7 for example since the value in position 3 is 7.

How a Nazi Enigma machine works (and how to break its code)

A value is input in addition to the rotor values and the offset the rotor is currently on. It ouputs the letter that would come out of that one rotor. This is really not a lot more than a simple character subsitution. A real Enigma machine did this with wires inside a rotor.